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Multiple teams, multiple time zones, one goal – lower the cost of sales. That’s what led a global manufacturer to Digineer®.

Previously, individual product teams passed information back and forth using conventional spreadsheets. Delays were inevitable. Local groups charged with lowering costs suffered from a lack of timely communication. Management found itself waiting for accurate, enterprise-wide data.

Digineer developed a robust, flexible structure for global collaboration and reporting. Now anyone could see and calculate cost savings in real time. 

At the heart of the system, a powerful dashboard gave executives fast access to data and let them generate reports according to team, time period, product and part. Depending on initial findings, custom queries enabled deeper, more focused analysis. Weekly updates – which previously had been impossible – became standard and an important part of the decision-making process.

With local teams moving quicker and taking on more projects, the manufacturer achieved significant cost savings. In the first reporting period alone, savings totaled nearly $4 million.


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