Organizational Change Management: Know Who Can Use the Tools

Organizational Change Management: Know Who Can Use the Tools Digineer

When our family moved to our new house we wanted to make sure that we had enough money to build a big deck. I had many people ask me “are you going to build the deck yourself?” I realized that the people who asked me that, were people who didn’t know me or my capabilities very well. If I wanted a deck that would ever pass an inspection, support our grill and patio furniture I needed to call my buddy Jim.

Last month I presented at the PMI-MN Professional Development Days. I was explaining how Digineer views Organizational Change Management as incorporating Leading Change, Coaching Change and Promoting Change to ensure that the change within an organization is successful. In my presentation I described how one of the tools we use at Digineer, is an Audience Assessment. I explained that the first part of managing change is knowing which people are the most influential in their organization and who needs the most convincing that the change will benefit them. The Audience Assessment is the place to start.

In the middle of my presentation a woman asked me “What other tools does Digineer use in Managing Change?” I thought of my buddy Jim who built my deck. I had the same access to the tools that Jim did; but I’d have a better chance of circumnavigating Lake Superior in a kayak, than I did of building my deck with Jim’s tools. The same principle applies in Change Management; while tools are helpful change won’t be adopted within the organization unless you have people who can help lead, coach and promote the change.

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