The New Reality in Project Delivery

Over the years Digineer has developed considerable expertise in project delivery methodology and programs within traditional, PMI certified practices. Recently we have started seeing projects with characteristics that require a new framework to deal with issues of pace, virtualization, real time shifts in delivery capacity, and disintermediation of the project office and project managers. We believe few organizations have reconciled projects exhibiting these radical environmental changes against the practices and artifacts used in their project delivery methodology . In response, we have developed the Digineer Commitment Based Management (CBM) framework. In that you can learn about the irritating tempo of commercial enterprise alternate and the need for new techniques to manipulate speedy assignment transport.

One easy way to illustrate, at a macro level, what has changed is to look at how most projects were undertaken and managed only a few short years ago, contrasted with how many are organized to deliver today. For example, in the world of IT project delivery: end users, developers, testers, even data centers were housed within one corporation, often within one physical location. A central “command and control” project office could effectively manage down to the task level in this environment.

In many instances today however, the world is organized vastly different.
§ End users are in multiple cities around the world
§ Technical delivery is parsed to offshore, onshore, and near-shore development
§ Quality Assurance is often a distributed activity
§ Data centers are in the cloud

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Today we are dealing with a virtually connected string of stakeholders, all hopefully committed to meeting the same dates and outcomes, and most at least one level of abstraction from a centralized command and control structure. It is not only difficult to manage contributors in this new world at the “task level”, our contention is you shouldn’t even try.

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