What Digineer Means to Me


Coming to my 4-year anniversary with Digineer has me reflecting on many things. What differences have I made? What value have I added? Where am I headed in my career? Has this been time well spent? At the end of all this mind-chatter I am reminded of a question a friend made to me, “what’s your story going to be?”.

Digineer is a part of that story. This company has not only impacted me professionally, but has changed my personal life too. Having a successful career can mean many things to different people. To me it means I am valued every day, I am part of a team of talented achievers that collaborate and trust each other and I am challenged and continually learning. It basically means I am excited to wake up and start the day. Digineer has given me that.


How It started ?

From the first day I met the VP of HR, I knew I was hooked. She told me the stories of working at Digineer, what it’s been like for her and why she’s here, now 4 years later I have my own stories. From my first Digineer Holiday Party (I was the girl who brought the guy who drank too much and partied too hard), to the day I signed the offer letter to head to the east coast to help grow Digineer nationally and enhance my career.

Beyond the fun parties, the laughs at the office, the Professional Development Plans and the opportunities to join initiatives and help build this company I work for, there is the compassion. When my dog had a seizure and I slept at a vet hospital overnight, Digineer was there. The caring that each of us show one another is what makes us Digineerians. We care enough to hold each other accountable to the tasks we have. There are ideals at Digineer and we are all here to meet our goals and manage the responsibilities we have.


Benefits to be part of  Digineer

In the end when I think of what Digineer means to me I think of the professional potential I have working here, the compassion every single one of my coworkers has and the genuine fun we have had and will continue to have. We turn results on and we shine bright while doing it.
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