Mastery of Commitment Based Management Just Feels Different!

Mastery Commitment Based Management Just Feels Different! Digineer 2

People often ask me “how do you define good when it comes to Commitment Based Management (CBM)”? Per Chris Majers, CEO of The Human Potential Project, “Mastery Commitment Based Management is not a technical accomplishment nor something that you can simply study up for, it is the result of a pervasive cultural shift in an organization. It isn’t something you do, mastery is a comprehensive way of being first with yourself and then with others.” CBM begins with ownership and embodiment of a set of behavior principles. If these principles are not the foundation for how you interact with the world, then the practices of Commitment Based Management are just one more set of simplistic techniques that are all too easy to dismiss or ignore. There is no sustainable competitive advantage in just learning the basics. Many people know the basic moves in the game of chess. A chess master is one who can use the basics as a solid foundation for higher levels of achievement.


What is Mastery Commitment Based Management?

Mastery Commitment Based Management creates a frictionless environment that enhances the smooth, rapid, network of exchanges that constitute the work of the organization. CBM reduces poor communication, lack of cooperation or coordination, misaligned purpose, ego driven priorities and actions, and bureaucratic crap! In a culture where trust is the norm we don’t need to second guess things, there is no culture of gossip, rumor, or innuendo, and we communicate in a manner that is both transparent and authentic. This enables us to see things that others don’t, move at a pace that others can’t, and for our customers we look like magicians as we can see possibilities and produce results that they can barely imagine!

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