3 Things for Millennials, from a Gen X’er


Millennials, those born from 1980 to 1995, are the first truly digital generation. They have a unique view of a professional career which can unknowingly upset the existing unwritten workplace culture. While they may feel they are furthering their careers, that might not be the case. So at the risk of not sounding like a Gen X big brother here are three things that will help Millennials thrive in the professional environment.


Advancement Takes Time

Throughout their childhood and adolescence, Millennials were often reminded that you can be whatever you want. While that statement can be true you won’t be an executive in four years. If you want rapid advancement and success you need to be prepared to work harder and better than in the past as there are others striving for the same success.


Learn To Understand What Your Manager Really Wants

You are not just being paid to do a job, your manager expects more than that. They expect you to keep your promises to them, keep them informed but, above all, make them more successful and make them look good.


Learn to Work With People From Different Generations

Today, including Millennials, there are four different generations active in the professional environment. Each of these generations has different basic views and communicates differently. By understanding how to develop and manage relationships with each of the different generations we all will be more successful.

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