Project Management Organization (PMO): Find Opportunities for Growth

Project Management Organization

“Stop being so immature!”

“Would you just grow up?”

“Come on, act your age.”

Wow, that can be personally irritating to hear these phrases muttered, especially if you are like me and have more fun NOT acting your age. But how do you feel when these are directed towards your project managers or Project Management Organization (PMO)? It might just be time to figure out how your organization should be acting and find opportunities for growth.

How mature (or immature) am I? There needs to be a baseline and it begins with an assessment of your organization’s current maturity level. Are you just reactive and improvising? Are your processes defined? Are you deliberate in your approach or maybe more proactive and actively managing your portfolio? Or perhaps your Project Management Organization has reached the pinnacle of maturity where your processes are optimized and your approach is more strategic. The assessment should also identify issues preventing your organization from achieving its business goals – including profitability, speed to market and customer satisfaction. The output prescribes customized strategies to prioritize initiatives, align team members, allocate resources, fulfill commitments and hit elevated benchmarks. Growth!

Every Project Management Organization is different and the pendulum of maturity seems to swing over time as the organization grows. The important point is that growth and maturity need to be nurtured. Your PMO is only as mature as it’s least mature member. Business growth will occur through a mature PMO, starting with a baseline maturity assessment and sensible targets then implementing a strategy to get to the next level.

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