Life at Digineer: Lessons from a Digineerian

Working at Digineer

Working at Digineer has taught me many things; how much I love salad bars, the difference between contracting and consulting, that changing my password is vital, and why I need books in my life. I have narrowed down the lessons to the top 4 invaluable ones I have acquired from working at Digineer.


Adapting and flexing to difficult situations is critical in your personal and professional life:

Taking yourself outside of your comfort zone can bring about changes and new life adventures that you could never imagine. Being able to adapt to changing business conditions, being able to flex to a new work routine or being able to learn a new technique are all critical in today’s business. Welcome these changes, find the silver lining and make the necessary adjustments in an optimistic and constructive manner to accomplish the outcomes needed for the business. Open yourself up to new ideas; there is no one out there who knows everything, so embrace the changes and flex those brain muscles.


Having purpose is important to overall happiness:

We all need purpose in life. Something that not only gets us motivated but keeps us going. Having purpose in your career and in your daily work routine can keep you happier in the long run. How do you know if you have purpose? How do you find purpose? These have been discussed questions for decades (I will save that discussion for another blog post and stick to the topic at hand for now). For me it came down to a feeling and genuine effort to understand where I was at when it comes to my work. I had to be honest with myself. What motivates and excites me? What don’t I like doing? Who am I surrounding myself with that adds to my work’s purpose? Am I part of the bigger picture? Talk with your boss, ask your coworkers, confide in loved ones and mostly check in with yourself. Gauge your feelings, attitude and enthusiasm to work and remember that your purpose matters, not just to you but to the business.


Your network matters:

This is one of the business “rules” that I have known since I was a teen working at my parent’s temp agency, but it never rang truer than working here. What I learned working at Digineer is that your network isn’t just for your benefit, it’s for the gain of others; as well as, the company you work for. Your network can produce sales leads and offer referrals to send in, but it can also help you know what is coming in the market place. What changes are happening in the business community which ultimately can help your company get ahead of the curve. Your network can solve a business problem, offer a partnership you never thought of or even be the insight to new technologies. Don’t just think of your network as a place to help you find your next job, it is so much more than that.


Fun is a needed factor in work:

I’ve always been a person who loves a good time. I enjoy festive parties and the practical joke that gets your gut hurting from laughing so hard, but when I came to Working at Digineer I learned another side of fun. The side that happens during your worst days. The co-worker who takes you to a much needed coffee shop for a break or the office toys that let you relieve stress while sitting at your desk or the massage therapist that gets all your kinks out. Having a good time makes life that much sweeter. Find something fun to do every week with your team, it doesn’t have to be something big or expensive but make the effort, it will be worth it.

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