The “Trifecta”: Aligning the Right Consultant and Work with Management Needs

Right consultant

The bottom line is that the business of a consulting company, like Digineer, is to support our Clients and provide the best services possible. It sounds like a fairly simple premise; nevertheless, it is not as effortless as it appears on the surface. Having sat on both sides of the table, as a manager hiring Right consultant  and as an engagement manager and consultant, I have experienced the “trifecta” of a successful match between a Client, Consultant and the work assignment. Unfortunately, I have also experienced failures in this alignment.
Assuming we have an established relationship with our client where outlook, approaches and cultures align with Digineer; the next step is to fulfill the Client’s resource request. Some things are obvious, if they want a Sr. Agile Project Manager with vendor experience, that’s what we want to provide. These requirements are typically seen in a job posting or requisition.
However, what about the less obvious things? From both the Client and our Consultant’s perspective, do we understand:

-What motivates them?

-What are their goals?

-Their culture or work style?

-Their ability to make decisions?

-Their ability to communicate?

-What success has looked like in the past?

-What changes are they undergoing or anticipating?

-How they handle change?

-Our previous experience with them?

The list goes on and on.

Ask yourself, as a right Consultant, “Do I communicate this information to my manager?”

As a client, “Do I discuss these topics with my Account Executive or Engagement Manager?”

If not, remember that each of these questions represents an opportunity to build better alignment between Clients and Consultants which supports greater customer satisfaction, higher right consultant job satisfaction and ultimately, fulfilling Digineer’s goal to become your trusted partner.

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