What It Takes to be a GREAT Candidate for Any Company

best candidate

Being on the hunt for a new role can be a cumbersome and intimidating experience. There are job posts to read, applications to fill out (some of them can be very lengthy) and there are numerous interviews to go through. Then there is that perfect role that you find, a job description and company culture that aligns perfectly to what you are looking for. Time to put your best foot forward. So, what will make you not just a good candidate, but a GREAT one?

Here are the Top 10 Tips that will take you from being a good candidate to a GREAT candidate:

  1. When reading through the job description be sure you align to 95% of the role. It is hard to have 100% of everything a company is looking for, but make sure you fit 95% of it. Having the right skills and experience is critical.
  2. When you apply, you fill out all the right forms, complete any questionnaires, upload your resume and leave no stone unturned.
  3. Get to know the company culture, business model and any general company information (do your homework) that will make you stand out.
  4. Make sure communication with the Recruiting/Talent team is friendly, personable and efficient. Respond quickly and with proper email and/or phone etiquette.
  5. During each phase of the interview process, be professional and polished with clear and concise communication.
  6. Articulate your experiences/skills and how they align to the role by giving succinct examples.
  7. Ask appropriate questions during the interview process.
  8. Establish your guidelines upfront in the interview process. Whether you have specific salary requirements or need to make sure you have a month off every year for summer activities, let the recruiter/hiring manager know.
  9. Sending thank-you notes or emails will always brighten anyone’s day.
  10. BE YOURSELF! I have said this many times over the years and it still rings true to this day. Be authentic, be candid and be honest.

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