Why you need a new Project Portfolio Management tool for your PMO

Project Portfolio Management

As a PMO leader, you likely always looking for opportunities to enable your program and project leaders to deliver more meaningful work for your organization. You might be asking yourself how your team can work with the business and IT to better to ensure projects are prioritized according to current organizational needs, sponsors have clear visibility to the project pipeline and status, and your projects are being delivered on-time and budget.

If you’d really like to make your PMO a stronger business partner, have you considered a new PPM tool? Here are signs it may be time:

 – Lack of resource planning abilities, causing bottlenecks and delays due to the project team

 – Prioritization of projects that don’t align with the business’s strategic goals

 – Lack of visibility to project tools and shared documents

–  Manual status and reporting processes

– Demands from the business change quickly, and the PMO cannot keep up

If any of these signs sound familiar, a new PPM tool will make your PMO even more successful, benefits include:

– All projects will be managed in one central location

 – Provides visibility and transparency into all projects and their status

– Give executive management real-time reports and information for better decision making

– Business users demands can be easily prioritized

– View all of the resources and how much work they are assigned

– Allowing management to understand resource workloads for better forecasting

– Balance the workload for resources across

– Provide management with complex reports for finance

Many PPM systems integrate with other enterprise tools, creating even more enterprise-wide efficiencies. ServiceNow’s Project Portfolio Management module offers not only a Project Portfolio interface, but resource and demand management tools as well as development and quality testing management.  If your organization is already using a ServiceNow module, like IT Service Management, you may be able to easily tap into its robust PPM tools as a part of that service agreement.

Want to learn how to make these benefits a reality? Digineer has a long history of helping our clients taking full advantage of new PPM systems and creating long-lasting change with a smooth implementation. Digineer will expertly assist your organization in implementing new tools by:

– Creating an environment for Organizational Change with stellar communication and planning

– Evaluating and implementing new business processes and training for the PMO, IT and business users

– Customization of your new tool to optimize functionality

Learn more about how our ServiceNow and PPM experience by reaching out to us at Sales@digineer.com.