Digineer CBM™ – Feel The Difference Of Delivery Commitment

Commitment Based Management

The way Commitment Based Management undertake and deliver projects today versus a few short years ago is vastly different.  Until recently, it was not uncommon for a single organization to be able to control all contributors to project delivery.  For example, in the world of IT delivery: end users, developers, testers, even data centers were housed within one corporation, often within one physical location.  A central “command and control” project office could effectively manage down to the task level in this environment.

In many instances today, however, the world is organized vastly different. End users are scattered around the world, technical delivery is parsed to offshore, onshore, and near-shore development, quality assurance is often a distributed activity and data centers are in the cloud.

Today we are dealing with a virtually connected string of stakeholders, all hopefully committed to meeting the same dates and outcomes.  It is not only difficult to manage contributors in this new world at the “task level”, our contention is you shouldn’t even try.  We believe that commitments, in the form of well-defined and negotiated outcomes, are the level at which management of project deliverables should occur – a belief that forms the basis of our new Digineer CBM™ framework.

The benefits that accrue from the Digineer CBM™ approach, when matched with appropriate projects and organizations, can be significant.  Examples include clarity around what it takes to satisfy a commitment; opportunity to negotiate before assigning scope, resources, or due dates; risk mitigation by consistent alignment with customer back to intended business outcomes; ability to move at a faster pace while maintaining control over delivery against the business benefit.

Let’s look at a few differences in the orientation or “feel” of Digineer CBM™ projects:



Documenting workDoing work
Tight planningLoosely coupled
BlameBreakdown remediation
I’ll tryWhatever it takes
Owners / BossesCo-Committed equals

 This new feeling of project delivery leads the organization to take actions in a more committed way. In the realm of Commitment Based Management, there is no gray area.  It is 100% or nothing.  If I claim to be 90% committed, what lives in the uncommitted 10% are all of my potential excuses and the back doors that I leave open for non-performance.”  When you commit, you are committing to “Whatever it takes” to produce the outcome by the committed date.

How does commitment, or lack thereof, show up? Here are the differences

Unclear About CommitmentClear About Commitment
I procrastinateI take action
I talk about my workI do my work
I maintain my imageI maintain my integrity
I play to look goodI play so everyone wins
I am confused, full of doubtI am clear about my intentions
I tryI do

For more on the Digineer CBM™ Framework and how it can help you Feel the difference and deliver your Commitments contact sales@digineer.com.