Consultant Tim Fie’s Dream Month Experience

Employee Benefit

In February, I was able to take advantage of Digineer’s “Dream Month” employee benefit. The employee handbook describes it as a chance to cross something off your bucket list. That requires something out of the ordinary – household projects and relaxing at home weren’t going to cut it.

What to do with a month off?  As it happens, many of my bucket list items require travel.

We wanted to go somewhere new, and warm weather was mandatory.  We settled on Hawaii– warm, exotic and easy to schedule on short notice.

On the morning we left, it was snowing hard by 6 AM.  We held our breath as they de-iced the plane, thankful we’d booked an early flight.  By the end of the day, MSP had nine new inches of snow, and we were gloating in a wine bar.

Employee Benefit plan included a two-day stopover in Seattle.  We hit all the required stops:  Space Needle, fish market, the waterfront and every oyster bar we could find.  We had uncharacteristically sunny weather and really enjoyed our stay.

On to Hawaii.  We visited Kona, Hilo, Kilauea and Maun Kea wrapping up on the dry side of the big island.

On our return to Minneapolis, we stopped in San Jose.  My wife is adopted but never sought out any biological family. She had, just for fun, taken a DNA test to find out her ethnic background. Flash forward to this January and notified us of a family match, 1st cousin or closer.  Long story short, she discovered a living half-brother in San Jose.  With the timing of our trip, it was possible for us to meet him in person.

The meeting was a great finale to our trip.

We returned to Minneapolis to find that winter was not over, and the central time zone is a bitch.

The last 10 years have been some of the greatest. Thanks for the opportunity Digineer!