Digineer® believes that culture is the foundation of who and what we are.  It is both our personality and our heartbeat.  Culture is what keeps geographically disparate consultants feeling like they are a part of a larger team and goal. Without it we would still be good, but we would not be the best.


Passion at Digineer is evident in a variety of ways. Walk into the Digineer office and you will feel the radiant energy employees have about their jobs.  At our client sites, the passion of our consultants is seen through lively interaction, results-oriented solutions and the ability to bring people together and affect change.  Ultimately, when people care so much, the energy is unmistakable.


Most consulting companies preach client results.  At Digineer, the drive for results stems from a deeply embedded desire to facilitate and ensure our clients’ success.  We are leaders in the background that understand not only how to get results, but how to determine which results will better serve a particular client.  We believe that our success is inseparable from that of our clients.


As a business and technology consulting company that deals consistently with forward looking clients, we place significant value in the ability to create and explore.  We believe that while core business problems do not change significantly, the solutions to those problems vary dramatically.  Our environment fosters and encourages the incubation of new ideas that drive results for our clients, as well as the next generation of Digineer.


Above all else, Digineer believes that people should be treated with respect and dignity.  Every aspect of how we do business is ingrained with the drive toward a higher level of ethics.  As business cycles ebb and flow, this foundation of trust, equality and honesty provides grounding in all decisions.