“Digineer delivered with a purpose! Their work related to our RQR initiative was fantastic. They thought creatively and quickly implemented a process that increased the quality of a critical portfolio of work. With minimal direction, the Digineer team helped ensure our business partners, clients and members were receiving the best possible experience as a result of our project delivery.“

– Director, IT Government Programs


As one of the nation’s biggest Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) companies, this Fortune 25 organization manages a large and dynamic portfolio of active and pre-active projects within a fast-paced and complex release schedule. Being able to articulate and capture requirements throughout the entire project lifecycle and across a diverse team of internal stakeholders, contractors, and implementation partners represents a strategic way to deliver superior project outcomes.


Recognizing the value of improved requirements management, the Client commissioned an innovative internal initiative to adopt a more systematic and rigorous process to the quality of their system requirements.

The goal was to drive higher requirement quality and reduce costly re-work associated with weak or unclear requirements to deliver better project outcomes.


Digineer led a team that established baseline measures and a repeatable, qualitative approach to promote the creation of clear and consistent requirements, while formally devising and documenting guidance and standards around a metrics-based scoring framework for:

  1. Generating an aggregate project grade representing level of alignment to the established quality criteria expectations.
  2. Assigning an overall “consistency” rating to gauge the level of conformity and frequency in meeting the desired requirements criteria – around such things as: complexity, completeness, clarity, testability, proper format and traceability.
  3. Identify and execute training opportunities in areas trending with common mistakes and the highest amount of improvement needs.


The Requirements Quality Review (RQR) was formally adopted as an enterprise-level checkpoint within the Client and delivered:

  1. Established early/leading indicators and baselines for overall project risk related to requirements.
  2. A 40+ percent increase in the quality of project requirements within two months – based on criteria established in partnership with client stakeholders.
  3. Demonstrably fewer defects, improved business partner satisfaction and more predictable project timelines.
  4. Conservative estimates for bottom-line savings connected with the RQR initiative ranged from $5-14M per year.