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How Emotional Intelligence Helps During Change

As we move through a global pandemic, emotions are running especially high. This leaves many people with a sense that they lack control and that stress is really getting to them. For so many, this has been a time filled with changes: work has been lost or moved to the home; kids are heard in…

Accommodating For Change In A Pandemic

Accommodating For Change In A Pandemic

What was once just a kitchen has now become a desk. Drinks shared on a patio are now divided over video. Over the past few months, so much has changed; the pandemic has touched all of us in one way or another. The presence of COVID-19 has become a change accelerant, prompting organizations to be…

Employee Benefit

Consultant Tim Fie’s Dream Month Experience

In February, I was able to take advantage of Digineer’s “Dream Month” employee benefit. The employee handbook describes it as a chance to cross something off your bucket list. That requires something out of the ordinary – household projects and relaxing at home weren’t going to cut it. What to do with a month off? …