Business Intelligence

Whether it’s new Application Development, or pioneering Business Intelligence (BI) approaches, our team of innovative software developers, BI data architects, data analysts and BI developers are committed to developing solutions based on your business needs.

Business Intelligence utilizing our unique business capabilities model, we align technology investments with your business strategy, allowing you to run, grow or transform your business more effectively.

Common Application Development Issues We Help Solve

Our innovative software development team brings a wide range of skills including a passion for innovation, while taking the time to really understand your business needs. We don’t just throw new technology at a problem without first understanding your business objectives and ensuring we are implementing a solution that will solve your issues, and can be measured through data and results.

We offer solutions to unique problems as well as the most common problems we see:

  1. We need help aligning the right technology with our business to deliver on our strategies
  2. We can’t figure out how to make the leap from old unsupported technology to new platforms
  3. We can’t compete because our current technology does not effectively engage customers and suppliers
  4. We don’t have the right on-site expertise

How is Our Application Development Approach Different?

We understand that having something tangible to react to will help gain alignment and buy in across the organization, so our approach includes a map of your business capabilities based on analysis utilizing our investment alignment model. This approach ensures that not only are we focusing on the right solution, but allows you to get clearer visibility, understanding and alignment with stakeholders.


  1. Investment Alignment Model
  2. Enabling Technology Taxonomy
  3. Agile Driven Development
  4. Organizational Change Management as enabling foundation for change
  5. Support & Maintenance Health Check

We believe in keeping the business in Business Intelligence (BI), which is why we start by seeking to understand your business problems.

Through our unique maturity model, our data experts will work with you to understand your business and gain insight into your data, resulting in identification of opportunities with the highest value throughout your organization.

Common BI Issues We Help Solve

We love a new challenge! At Digineer, our team of experts is comprised of business and data analysts, data architects, software developers, change management professionals and project managers. Many business intelligence projects fail due to reasons such as a lack of alignment to company objectives, attempting to solve all problems at once, poor communication, poor data quality, and the list goes on.  Our job is to help you ensure there is a clear vision and a well-established business case, and we do that in combination of understanding your process, while always focusing on the end-user or customer.

Our BI Approach

Many organizations have metrics, but performance does not improve. With a focus on the end-user, we strive to improve your success rate utilizing an iterative approach with a commitment to supporting sponsors and management, ensuring a clear vision & well established business case, as well as implementation of a scalable, flexible framework with sustainable data quality and integrity. At Digineer we:

  1. Understand business outcomes you are trying to achieve
  2. Understand your customer expectations
  3. Understand internal business process capabilities
  4. Determine what can be leveraged, learned and improved upon

How is Our BI Approach Different?

We understand that having something tangible to react to will help gain alignment and buy in across the organization before making a significant investment, so our approach includes a prototype that can help to gain a greater consensus among stakeholders early on, while ensuring a greater understanding of which metrics truly address business needs – resulting in a successful project.


  1. Business Intelligence Maturity Model
  2. Business Outcomes and Strategy Maps
  3. BI Management System
  4. Rapid Prototype
  5. Organizational Change Management (OCM) as enabling foundation for change