Digineer Commitment Based Management

In response to the hectic pace of business change and the need for new methods to manage rapid project delivery, Digineer has created the new Commitment Based Management(Digineer CBM™) framework.

Commitment Based Management is based on rigor around defining requests and making commitments that are integrated and achievable, we right size our approach to your organization using experts dedicated to understanding your business needs and applying the unique Digineer CBM™ practices to realize all of the committed project benefits.

Digineer is the ONLY firm that has this framework which provides an alternative to execution in the new world of extreme pace, disbursed geography, virtualization, real-time shifts in delivery capacity, and disintermediation of the central project office.

Common Business Issues We Help Solve

We realize that every organization has its own set of unique characteristics, and our enterprise project management experts always start with your business problems.   Initiating, managing and implementing successful projects that meet the business need requires rigor and well-defined processes to overcome the most common client problems we encounter, which include:

  1. Strategic focus is unclear
  2. Failure to implement strategic initiatives on time, on a budget or with the desired result
  3. Starting and stopping initiatives because they lack critical resources
  4. Finding breakdowns between business functions and IT delivery
  5. Realizing project management processes and tools are difficult to use

Our Approach

Many organizations struggle to implement projects successfully. For organizations that have a need for a more dynamic project management approach, we utilize our Digineer CBM™ framework, combined with a focus on the end-user, to improve your success rate. We utilize an iterative approach with a commitment to supporting sponsors and management, ensuring a clear vision & well-established business case, all enabled through transparency and collaboration.

Client Success Story

“The key to Commitment Based Management is accountability, and Digineer lives that virtue. They dug in, engineered a different approach, and delivered results that others said were not possible.“

– Senior Director, EPMO