Organizational Change Management

Our extensive knowledge and deep roots in leading Organizational Change Management (OCM) projects to quickly and fully capture committed business value is our expertise.

organizational change management proprietary maturity model is built on best practices from leading industry methodologies as well as years of industry experience with clients.

Common Business Issues We Help Solve

Digineer provides a pragmatic hands-on approach, led by experienced Organizational Change Managers. We work alongside executives, managers and team members to plan the change effort, execute on the deliverables of that plan, and deliver the committed project benefits.

Common Organizational Change Management problems we see:

  1. Key stakeholders not involved early on in the initiative
  2. Lack of understanding the importance of an OCM plan
  3. Lack of preparation for “day after change” operational processes
  4. Lack of training and “for the sake of what” communication through the project lifecycle
  5. Lack of “EQ” or emotional impact of the change on established roles

Our Approach

In addition to the specific project or change initiative outcome focus, Digineer provides an OCM style focused on coaching and mentoring executives and managers to become better change leaders. We educate and empower leaders to help teams and individuals work through the change process and form a solid foundation for change after Digineer departs.

How is Our Approach Different?

Our proprietary methodology helps you align your cross-channel interactions with the right data, people, process and accountability model to create a seamless solution that optimizes, grows or transforms your business.

Leading an organization through change results in a positive impact to business value and improved employee and customer satisfaction. At Digineer, we are advisors, as well as workers. We deliver on commitments while representing our client’s interests with an objective perspective. Our methods are well grounded, but flexible enough to match each of our unique client needs.

Example of Our Experience

Private College Specializing in High-Demand Educational Programs
Business Objective: A private college specializing in high-demand educational programs in a supportive, student-centered environment, was embarking on a major student policy change and needed help to ensure implementation went smoothly. College administrators wanted to transition to digital content as a norm for delivering course materials and resources rather than traditional hard copy textbooks. Students would now receive a free eTextbook with the option to purchase a hard copy.

Scope: Digineer’s challenge was to introduce a comprehensive strategy to ensure successful, company-wide implementation while also maintaining the quality of student and faculty performance and experience. We developed an organizational training and communication strategy called TIDE, which not only created an OCM plan for 7 different work streams, but also managed the execution and facilitation of over 250 OCM training, communication and mentoring tasks.