At Digineer, we pride ourselves on a different kind of consultant.

strategic Staffing, we have learned that there are two primary drivers of success when consultants assist our clients who need to augment their teams with a strategic resource: domain expertise and consulting skills.

Domain expertise of the consultant is an obvious requirement, and that is all that most of our competitors focus on.  Digineer has strict recruiting practices to make sure our employees meet the highest bar when it comes to domain expertise because we understand that’s a primary driver of strategic staffing.

As important as domain knowledge is, we believe it is equally important that contingent staff can “consult”.  That’s why we take the time to test for additional attributes that drive client satisfaction with Digineer resources:

  1. Ability to work effectively in multiple types of cultures
  2. A natural curiosity about how things work and creativity on how to make them better
  3. A desire to bring their passion for success into every interaction

Whether our clients need a solution involving a full Digineer team, or just a consultant to fill a short term need, our people are different, and our results prove it.