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At Digineer, “Turn Results On” isn’t just a tag line, it’s a passion. Our consultants take great pride in the collective expertise of our team and deep roots in leading projects that drive business value. We are different from other consulting firms – we love to “consult” as strategic thinkers, connectors and doers who excel at aligning people and process to achieve transformation and growth producing solutions. We have proprietary methodologies and maturity models built on years of industry experience as well as best practices from leading industry associations. Your success is our success.


Enterprise Project Management

As a full-solution Enterprise Project Management (EPM) consulting firm, we get a thrill out of the accountability that comes with owning project execution and the delivery of business results. Our EPM solutions span traditional PM certified practices through the newly created Digineer Commitment Based Management (CBM) framework.  We right size our approach to your organization using…

Digineer Commitment Based Management(Digineer CBM™)

In response to the hectic pace of business change and the need for new methods to manage rapid project delivery, Digineer has created the new Commitment Based Management(Digineer CBM™) framework. Based on rigor around defining requests and making commitments that are integrated and achievable, we right size our approach to your organization using experts dedicated…

Business Analysis

Innovative technology solutions allow our clients to compete, differentiate and win.  But unclear business and technical requirements may cause confusion, rework, and waste when time-to-value is critical to your success. Common BA Practice Issues We Help Solve Our BA Center of Excellence team brings a wide range of skills and experience, as well as a…

App Dev & Business Intelligence

Whether it’s new Application Development, or pioneering Business Intelligence (BI) approaches, our team of innovative software developers, BI data architects, data analysts and BI developers are committed to developing solutions based on your business needs. By utilizing our unique business capabilities model, we align technology investments with your business strategy, allowing you to run, grow or…

Case Study: Re-Align Your Organization to Keep Both Employees and Customers Happy

An all too common problem, yet one that’s rarely addressed properly, is the misalignment between a company’s internal operations and its external customer experience. There’s an obvious focus on these areas individually, but the way a change in one area affects the other often gets overlooked. This leads to frustrated employees, unhappy customers, failure of…

Organizational Change Management

Our extensive knowledge and deep roots in leading Organizational Change Management (OCM) projects to quickly and fully capture committed business value is our expertise. Our proprietary maturity model is built on best practices from leading industry methodologies as well as years of industry experience with clients.